John Evans, LEED AP
Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architecture

“We have worked with Listerman on many projects over the past 10 years… I would guess a minimum of 30 projects. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.”

“They are different because they have an understanding of our projects’ unique needs and expectations. They seem to enjoy the challenges our projects and clients provide.”

“Listerman is our “go to supplier” when we need sourcing assistance. They understand our quality requirements and have always met them by evaluating the plants prior to presenting to us. They have also been willing to send photo documentation for our evaluation prior to the purchase.”

“The fact that they control shipping so tightly is very important to delivering a perishable commodity. Overall, working with Listerman makes it a very efficient process.”


David Hassenmiller
Suburban Landscape

“David is very knowledgeable about all plants and all sizes of plants. He always knows what’s currently available and can get it quickly. Not all nursery reps are as knowledgeable as he is.”

“The delivery of nursery stock has been excellent and the quality is always very good. We get our nursery stock when we want it or even before.”

“We deal with a number of nurseries in the Midwest. Sometimes we’ll send out a blanket request for a project or just inventory needs. Nine times out of ten David is the first to respond.”

“David has a good office staff that gets information to the customer efficiently.”


Bill Henkel, ASLA
Healing and therapy garden design/build certified Regenstein School of Design at Chicago Botanic Gardens
President/Co-Owner, Landscape Architect
Henkel Denmark Landscape

“David’s a real expert in his field and a very important part of the process for us. Sometimes we don’t always know what we need or want to use for a project and David can help us fill in blanks. He understands my needs and knows what to deliver.”

“A lot of our projects have to happen quickly and David is great at rapid fire. He’s not tied to conventional ways of shipping and delivering materials. When there are deadlines and we need information he always comes through.”

“Everyone at Listerman and Associates knows plant materials backwards and forwards. I’ve worked with other suppliers and all they want to do is pull nursery stock off the shelf and ship it. David uses multiple growers and sources different products from different places. He’s got his finger on the pulse of the materials and the growers and knows where to go to find what a job needs.”

“David will always try to improve costs for us whenever possible.” I enjoy working with him. He’s always pleasant and upbeat and he brings that kind of spirit to his job. We appreciate that.”


Jeffrey L. Pitts, ASLA, LEED AP BD+C
Landscape Architect
RATIO Architects, Inc.

“The service Listerman & Associates provides is essential to our overall success and gives us confidence that we provide an excellent final product to our clients. Because David is a broker and not a grower, he always has our best interest in mind. He’s in touch with a lot of growers and knows their inventories. We send David our plant list and he finds the plants we want.”

“We rely on David as a consultant and often call him just to ask horticultural questions.  We consulted together on a project at the NCAA headquarters expansion in Indianapolis. The plant material had to be excellent. We always go to Dave first because he knows what our standards are and he knows where to find the highest quality plants.”

“The horticultural industry is constantly evolving and we look to David to keep us informed. For instance, we were looking for a variety of elm that was resistant to Dutch elm disease. David did some research and gave us a few recommendations, including the Princeton elm. The one we planted is doing quite well and we think we’ll use more of this variety.”


Sean Sullivan
Co-Owner, CFO
Garden Art (LA and LC)

“We use Listerman for 85% of the woody plant material we purchase. Most of our work has unusual things in it and Listerman has access to a wide variety of nursery stock and can find everything we’re looking for. He’s kind of our one-stop shop for woody plant materials.”

“The Listerman staff is very well versed in plant material. They’re all good people and are pleasant to work with.”


Craig Flandermeyer, RLA, LEED AP
Schmidt Associates

“When I have questions or need specific plants, David will provide me with photos of several options and help me weigh the pros and cons of each. He has also helped me understand the logistics behind caliper sizes which significantly affects the final cost to the client.”

“David has assisted me in sourcing plant materials other contractors have said were not available. This is great in helping preserve the integrity of a design.  The staff at Listerman is very friendly and easy to work with. They are prompt with sending information and returning our phone calls.”


Frank Vena
Construction/Materials Manager
Mariani Landscaping

“We’ve been working with David for over 20 years. We do high-end residential landscaping. Listerman has a lot of resources and helps us source difficult to find plant material. They understand the quality we need in plant specimens. They are part of our team”

“David is honest, dependable, loyal, and his knowledge of plants is excellent. If there’s a problem with a plant he’ll either remedy it, or replace it. He stands behind his products.”

“They do a good job of coordinating deliveries, especially when they put together an order from different nurseries.  When we call with a question they always get back to us in a timely manner.”


Dale Morris
Landscape Manager
Engledow Landscaping

“David is one of the most knowledgeable people that I know when it comes to plant material. We use Listerman frequently for locating and shipping plant material when there’s something we need and can’t find ourselves. Listerman has contacts with other nurseries and access to inventory that we don’t.  I would recommend Listerman. They know nurseries from the east to west coast and everywhere in between.”

Justin Thompson
Nursery Manager
Heritage Landscape Design

“We call Listerman for almost all of our nursery stock. David is my ‘go-to guy’. The quality of the plant material he provides is superb. David is also generally the most affordable option. He has the ability to pull from multiple suppliers which helps keep the pricing down. When we have a job on a tight budget, he’s able to give us lower prices than anybody.”

“David has never sent me a truck that’s half full, resulting in a higher freight percentage. He contacts other clients in the area to fill up his truck and reduce freight costs for everyone. He sends everything in one shipment, which is a huge time saver.”

“I recently called David to ask about a specific type of evergreen that a client wanted. David said he could get it, but it wasn’t the best choice in that particular situation. He gave me a legitimate substitute that’s more tolerant of the climate and the soil at that project site. The evergreen would have been a warranty issue for us in the future. It would have died and we would have replaced it— probably by purchasing a second one from David. He’s very honest and doesn’t just want to make a sale.”


Todd Jacobson
Head of Horticulture
The Morton Arboretum

“I call Listerman when we need a specialty item that we can’t find from our local sources in Illinois. They are well-connected with quality nurseries on the east coast and in Ohio.” Listerman is always efficient with logistics, especially when there’s a time crunch.”


Jeff Woolard
Crew Chief
Purdue University

“When we order plant materials for a landscaping project at Purdue, we have the option to use anyone, but we always start with Listerman & Associates. They are in contact with many nursery vendors and can always locate the plant material we need. Our plant materials have to meet a certain quality standard, and so far everything is coming in per standard. I would recommend Listerman & Associates.”

“I have a great working relationship with Bob Moore, the certified arborist at Listerman & Associates. He is efficient, a good sales rep, and always goes above and beyond. Bob is incredibly knowledgeable of the nursery industry. He knows when plants are available, when to dig them, and when they’re to be planted. This is extremely important.”

“Bob always returns my calls promptly. If he doesn’t have the answer right away, he will find it. And if there’s a problem, he will fix it.”

“Listerman will always stick with the specified timeline for shipping. If something is not available in time for the requested delivery, Bob will let us know so we can inform the client.”

“Listerman sourced the trees we’ll use for our Arbor Day Event, ‘Purdue University Tree Campus USA Event’. The trees will be planted around power poles, so the trees must be containerized and the holes must be hand-dug. It’s not easy to find trees in containers but Listerman found them all and has even offered to come to the event and help dig.”


Brian Barker
Chicago Botanic Garden

“One major reason we use Listerman & Associates is the low cost. Even when accounting for delivery, they’re still equal to or lower than the local nurseries. They supply us with the tall upright arbor vitae at half of what we can get them for locally. The plant material that Listerman provides has always been very good quality.”

“Listerman’s staff seems to know about the plants I ask for and, sometimes, they can be very obscure and unusual because we try to have unique plants on display. Listerman will sometimes suggest a plant that I hadn’t considered or didn’t know was out there. When we don’t need one specific plant for a display, Listerman can come up with a good solution— something that fits. They will send us pictures of plants before we place an order so we can see what we’re going to get.”

“Logistics are very good. I always get delivery by the day I say I need it.”


Jeffrey L. Pitts, ASLA, LEED AP BD+C
Landscape Architect
RATIO Architects, Inc.

“David recently consulted on a project where we worked with the community of Zionsville, Indiana to design a 34-acre multi-use recreation park. The plan included soccer fields, picnic shelters, a skate park, walking path, and a 12-acre native prairie. The project also required over 200 trees with the goal of using only native species.”

“The native plant palate has become more common in the last 6-10 years, but growers are still trying to catch up with the demand. David was able to locate all the trees, helping us accomplish our goal, including some follow up issues that required consultation and Listerman was instrumental in that entire process.”


Bill Henkel, ASLA
Healing and therapy garden design/build certified Regenstein School of Design at Chicago Botanic Garden
President/Co-Owner, Landscape Architect
Henkel Denmark Landscape

“David has incredible resources at his fingertips. He’s never had a problem getting some unusual off-the-wall plant that a client has to have.”

“We are currently working on a remodel and addition to an older home in an older neighborhood. The owner is an architect and is particularly sensitive to what goes into the landscape design. The lot is small, placing even more prominence on the plants used in the design. The client doesn’t want it to look “landscaped”.

“David supplied us with photos of plants and backup information, so we can select exactly what we want. Because of David’s thorough communication, we know what to expect when the delivery trucks arrive. The client has loved everything that’s come in. The quality of the plant material that goes into this project makes all the difference in the world.”


Cheryl Chalfant, ASLA
Rundell Ernstberger Associates, LLC

“Listerman & Associates is our go-to source for finding high quality plant material including ‘one of a kind’ specimens and distinctive large caliper trees.

“I know I can call Listerman and he will quickly identify the availability of a particular tree or shrub in the size and form we need. As well, they are a valuable source for information about promising new tree and shrub varieties.”

“Working with Listerman & Associates makes selecting plant material easier. The high quality material equates to a beautiful finished product with fewer replacements for our clients.”