Listerman and Associates Municipal partners often work with inflexible schedules, so they appreciate the added convenience and value our services offer. They are generally looking for less common nursery stock such as newer introductions, cutting edge plants and natives.

Municipalities choose to work with Listerman and Associates because they know we are a leader in sourcing new and native plants for arborists, foresters and horticulturalists. We do what it takes to help solve any problems that may arise to ensure a successful project.

Listerman & Associates poll the vast network of over 100 nursery vendors to find exactly what these very particular customers need – drawing from among the very newest and best plants available nationwide. Finally, we consolidate our shipments from multiple growers into a single delivery for the utmost convenience.

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  1. Learn what we do and how we develop partnerships with Municipalities.
  2. Realize the convenience of allowing us to source your plant needs.
  3. Check out our current and past projects to see the high standards we maintain.
  4. Connect with us as a source regarding issues facing the industry.
  5. Access an up-to-date listing of plants that are currently available, new products, and information on how new items are performing. 


Please enjoy our website. We look forward to your questions – and your continued success.

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