“We call Listerman for almost all of our nursery stock. David is my ‘go-to guy’. The quality of the plant material he provides is superb. David is also generally the most affordable option. He has the ability to pull from multiple suppliers which helps keep the pricing down. When we have a job on a tight budget, he’s able to give us lower prices than anybody.”

“David has never sent me a truck that’s half full, resulting in a higher freight percentage. He contacts other clients in the area to fill up his truck and reduce freight costs for everyone. He sends everything in one shipment, which is a huge time saver.”

“I recently called David about a specific type of evergreen that a client wanted. David said he could get it, but it wasn’t the best choice in that particular situation. He gave me a legitimate substitute that’s more tolerant of the climate and the soil at that project site. The evergreen would have been a warranty issue for us in the future: It would have died and we would have replaced it— probably by purchasing a second one from David. He’s very honest and doesn’t just want to make a sale.”