Listerman and Associates and our Landscape Contractor partners are always busy working on deadlines and when they want answers, they want them quickly. They don’t want to stock their own inventory, nor do they have time to visit nurseries. Instead, they rely on Listerman and Associates to research, locate and deliver plant material to their job site on their very specific timetable.

The Contractors we work with are also highly focused on a budget. We know that extra trips to a job site costs money. That’s why we specialize in efficiently coordinating the quoting, plant selection, and delivery of nursery stock to the job site. In many cases, Listerman and Associates collaborates with the Landscape Architect on plant selection and make alternative recommendations, if the plant or location may compromise the overall project.

In the end, our partners will tell you that we help take the guesswork out of their landscape installation projects. Because we visit and maintain relationships with over 100 nurseries a year, we can find the appropriate size, quality and variety of nursery stock for virtually any job.

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  4. Connect with us as a source regarding issues facing the industry.
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