“We use Nature Shield at Oregon Pride Nurseries and we like it. It dramatically reduces weather-related stress on our plants, from propagation to harvest. During propagation, we use Nature Shield for un-rooted and rooted cuttings. It is a necessity when moving cuttings out of mist, to give them added protection against stress from sun and wind.

We also use Nature Shield when preparing for summer digging of our conifers. We spray it on the day before we dig and, it really lessens the stress cased by digging. From a business perspective, it can also make a big difference in our summer production: When the temperatures rise into the 90s, it lets us keep digging where, without it, we would have to stop. We also use Nature Shield to prevent desiccation from the cold, drying winds of winter. We spray it on the young grafted conifers to give them an added layer of protection and prevent sunburn.

Overall, we see Nature Shield as an insurance policy for our plants: Anytime we need protection from environmental stresses, we use it.”

Chris Ames
Operations Manager
Oregon Pride Nurseries, Inc.